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How to Change the Google Chrome Theme 2019

Do you want to change the theme of your Google Chrome Browser? Don’t worry here in this article we will explain all about. How to Change the Google Chrome theme.

How to Change the Google Chrome Theme

Basically the Google Chrome themes explain every thing about your browser that how its look like and how if functioning. And good thing is that developer of Chrome make it possible and easy to change, find, and installing very easy. When you will go to change your theme it will change (optionally) everything like backgrounds to colors and designs of tabs and your bookmark bar. Download or remove Chrome themes – Chrome Web
How to Change the Google Chrome Theme

How to Finding Themes in the Google Chrome Web Store

There are numbers of themes for chrome browser available on the Google’f official Chrome web store, where you can get your desired themes. There will be no cost against download those themes, so you can get them totally free download. When you will visit web store you will find the major category of theme, just like Enchanting Places, Dark and Black Themes, Space Exploration, and Editor’s Picks.
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Change Google Background Image

Once you find and select the desired themes, the next step will be installing it which is very easy:

  1. On your chrome browser, you can see three vertical dots at the top of screen, click on them.
  2. Next page will open where you have to select a setting
  3. After that, the page will appear where you will have to click on Click on Themes >Open Chrome Web Store. A new window will open
  4. If you want to learn about every theme you can check it by its thumbnail.
  5. The final stage will be the installation stage. Click on the Add to chrome
  6. in case if you don’t want to keep the themes you have been installed, by Clicking Undo you can uninstall it.

That’s was all the procedure of installation of the chrome themes. Now your browser will be reflect with new colors and specifications.
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How to Uninstall a Google Chrome Theme

Once you add a new theme to your chrome, you can see that this will overwrite the older one. But if you changed your mind and not want to install the custom theme you can come back to the original default them by following below steps:

  1. Go to the chrome setting via the menu button or by following chrome://settings/ URL bar.
  2. Find out Appearance
  3. Click Reset to a default theme
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