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Difference Between Adobe Reader and Acrobat Reader DC

Both programs are available as free downloads for Mac and Windows and make it easy to view and edit PDFs. After read this article you will be able to understand Difference Between Adobe Reader and Acrobat Reader DC.

What is Adobe Reader?

Adobe released Acrobat over 23 years ago, and today, software is essential to view and edit Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Reader is a free version of Acrobat, and has the same functionality. You can use Reader to view, print, and create simple annotations in PDFs. However, you can’t do existing text editing or media with Reader – you’ll need Acrobat for that.

What is Adobe Reader DC?

Short of “Document Cloud”, Adobe Reader DC is the latest version of Reader. It provides similar features as to previous versions, while also adding cloud-based functionality to sync data across your devices.

Now, Reader is connected to Adobe Document Cloud, which allows secure sharing of documents, signing and saving. Once you have downloaded Reader DC, you can also pay to open the integrated applications that expand your technical toolkit. These include:

  • Adobe Signal: For $ 9.99 per month, this multi-platform service lets you sign and submit documents legally on any tool. No pen is required – just sign the document with your finger on the touch screen.
  • Send Adobe & Track: Using Adobe’s Document Cloud, you can securely send large files and protect against slow email attachments. Send & Track lets you share data to multiple recipients, as long as you have an Internet connection is avaliabe. For $ 1.67 a month, this ala carte service can be used to send PDFs, pictures, videos and audio files.
  • Adobe Export PDF: This allows user to change an unlimited number of PDFs to RTF, Word and Excel formats. For $ 1.99 a month, you can buy a subscription that works with Reader DC.

Adobe Reader DC vs. Adobe Reader

More and more digital tools are moving to the cloud each year and are part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud trend. Although you can still use the standard version of Adobe Reader, it is being phased out for Reader DC.

If you are not interested in sharing documents via the cloud, we recommend switching to the latest version of DC.
Adobe Acrobat DC is an application that lets you very easily and efficiently creates, edit, collect, and send large pdf files data.

Acrobat Reader DC Adobe Acrobat DC

  • View PDFs View PDFs
  • Print PDFs Print PDFs
  • Sign PDFs Sign PDFs
  • Annotate PDFs Annotate PDFs
  • Search PDFs Search PDFs
  • Create PDFs
  • Edit PDFs
  • Convert PDF files with Word
  • Combine PDFs
  • Compare forms
  • Protect PDFs

Acrobat Reader DC comes installed on all internal desktop.

The user needs a license to run the Adobe Acrobat DC in system and can be requested. Upon approval the software application will be put into the application Center for you to install.
Acrobat Reader is used for

  • Viewing
  • Searching
  • Commenting
  • Form completion
  • Signing
  • Acrobat
    • Edit PDFs
  • Add interactivity
  • Standard or Pro
  • Subscription or one-time fee


Difference Between Adobe Reader and Acrobat Reader DC

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