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Difference between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Photoshop is the most popular and commercial photo editing application software. It can also call layman’s software. Presently mostly users use this software. Basically, it is a pixel-based image editor that developed and published by adobe systems. American brothers, Thomas, and John Knoll design Photoshop, in 1988. Even today’s, Photoshop is taught in almost all learning institutes.

Difference between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

It is mostly used by graphic designers, photographers, and all the creative designers. The Lightroom basically defines the Image managing software by image editing. It was introduced by Mark Hamburg in 2006. It is simple software, with an in-built saving option. It is easy to learn and a non-destructive application software. Lightroom is global software that allows the user to view, organize, manage and edit large numbers of digital images.


Advantages of Photoshop

Layers: Layers give Photoshop an altogether different attitude. The user can form many different layers; they can control their cloudiness and other parameters of a layer, which gives very easy and speedy access to work.
Advanced retouching: The spot healing brush, the clone stamp tool and the patch tool contribute to the modification of image features, like whitening teeth, glamour skin, removing blemishes, making person fat, or thin, etc.
Compositing: With this feature, using different multiples image the user can create a single image. So Photoshop work only on pixels, slicing and dicing one image on others.
Action: By these features we can record the whole steps, so by using only one option the user can easily created the whole function. This function is a time saver for the user.
Rendering 3d option
It allows the user to make 3d objects but the writing on it is 2d pattern. It also converts 2d image to 3d format.


Advantages of Lightroom

Non-destructive: Users can easily form RAW or JPEGS files. In Lightroom, we don’t have an option for save file and the original file is remaining untouched. For saving the file in Lightroom create a set of functions that saves the copy of the image with all their editions. All these changes stored in the Lightroom catalog as XMP files.
Achiever in operating in raw files: Like adobe camera RAW in Photoshop, Lightroom is a similar program with many presents. Users can easily and speedily work on features like brightness, contrast, and exposures. We can also apply the features like crop tool, slice tool, and many other tools for adjustment of files.
Easier to learn with a well-organized workflow: Basically, Lightroom is image management software. So we can easily import images, sort through select and create slideshows, even post files directly to social media. Being effortless software, Lightroom is a very easy software to learn.


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