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Difference Between Accounting And Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are two of the most important functions of every business organization. In these simple terms, maintenance is concerned with recording financial transactions and accounting is responsible for interpreting, analyzing, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing financial information.

Difference Between Accounting And Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and accounting may seem like the same job for the illiterate. This is because both accounting and booking accounting for financial data, requires basic accounting information, and divides and releases reports using financial transactions.

At the same time, both processes are different in nature and have their own set of benefits. Read this article to understand the big difference between bookkeeping and accounting.

Bookkeeping vs Accounting – 8 Major Differences

The biggest misconception about bookkeeping versus accounting is that they are both considered to be the same activity. Although they appear very similar, there are major differences between these. To resolve this confusion, we’ve written down the difference between accounting vs booking reservations here –


NO. properties Accounting bookkeeping

It is the method of summarizing, interpreting, and communicating financial dealing which were classified in the ledger account
It is used to identifying, measuring, and recording the transactions.

2 Decision Making: the management can take critical business decisions that depending on the data provided by the accountants
It cannot take decision on the bases provided data by bookkeeping

3 Objective: The main objective of accounting is to deal the financial situation and further communicate the information to the other relevant authorities.
The main objective of bookkeeping is to keep and maintain the records of all financial transactions proper and systematic.

4 Preparation of Financial Statements: Financial statements are prepared through the accounting process
Financial statements are not prepared in this software

5 Skills Required: due to its analytical and complex nature, It requires special skills
It does not need particular skills.

6 Analysis: It uses bookkeeping information to analyze and interpret the data.
The bookkeeping process does not require any analysis

7 Types: The accounting department does preparations of a farms budgets and plans loan proposals

There are 2 types of bookkeeping. One is single entry and other is double entry bookkeeping

Bookkeepers and Accountants

Bookkeepers required accuracy in their work and well-informed about financial topics. The bookkeeper is usually overseen by the bookkeeper
Accountants with sufficient knowledge and education can earn a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) title

The Shifting Landscapes of Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting and accounting have been around for a very long time and both fields have seen significant changes in the way services are performed. This trend will continue in the same way in the future. Some of the upcoming trends in the field of accounting and accounting include.

Merging of Bookkeeping and Accounting Functions

  • There is a very small difference among accounting and bookkeeping. It is interesting to note that with the onset of accounting and software maintenance, some parts of accounting are gradually falling into a bookkeeping process. At the same time, accounting software is now able to produce financial statements that were part of the accounting process.
  • Bookkeeping to Slowly become Obsolete
  • While most businesses will still need bookmakers to keep books, bookkeeping will be much more than just data entry, bank ledger ratings, and bank financial statements. These jobs will slow down slightly over the coming years and may be lost, as most jobs will be managed by the bookkeeping software
  • Extending the Services
  • The new technology has persuaded accountants and accountants to be open to technological advancements and to explore emerging software options. It is an opportunity for bookmakers to support their consumers with this change, introducing value added services such as staff processing, credit card reconciliation, etc. With the help of the latest software
  • Advent of Smartphones
  • Many businesses are changing their online operations, especially as smartphones and mobiles are becoming more intuitive and accessible. Business owners want to access data from anywhere in the world on different devices, and accounting and booking experts ensure that properly generated reports are available online for their customers to access at all times.
  • More Efficient Services
    Consulting and advisory companies are taking full advantage of these new technologies and services due to the development of analytical tools, which makes bookkeeping and tax preparation services more efficient and less expensive


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