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How to install world Map Wall Clock With Rope Light – [Assembling and Placing Instruction]

Simply explained world map wall clock assembling and placing and unboxing

You can Buy it from any online store like I purchased it from (​ ). once you received the clock. After unboxing you will find the manual in it about how to paste it on the wall.

How to install World Map Wall Clock?

World map wall clock is just an amazing product. You can use it in your home, office, workplace and it will look very awesome. In order to install this clock, you don’t need a special tool. it is very easy to assemble and paste on the wall.

Assembly Instructions

In the packing, you will get the double tape and backlight, and guide manual. with using double tape, you can paste the clock on the wall as described in the video tutorial. Before going to placing this wall clock you must have to arrange it on the ground to by using the manual. once you arranged, now it easy for you to use double tape and paste the pieces on the wall.

The back rope light of the clock comes attached from the company. in case it is not pasted with the clock, you can paste it using double tap by yourself. The clock you can put on the wall with steel Nail (steel keel).

Here is the Full Tutorial on Youtube

Updated: April 20, 2021 — 12:22 pm
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